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Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Decorative Glass Handicrafts Christmas Glass Decorative Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts

Unfurling an impeccable blend of traditional Indian glass making expertise with new generation manufacturing techniques. Lighting in Style.......

Dlite Crafts
Dlite Crafts
Crystal Chandelier, Candle Chandelier
Dlite Crafts
AN ISO 9001:2008 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Company
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  1. I am owning stores in Taiwan firstly I was not selling glass products because I was worry for packaging part and the quality of the glass handicraft and I was afraid of sale of this type of item but as I met with Dlite Crafts and I bought small quantity of glass product. but I asked Ms. Dlite Crafts that this type of product is easily saleable or not but after his assurance I bought small quantity after that as I put this stuff in my store all my products got easily sold out after that I am blindly believe in the quality and packaging of Dlite Crafts.
    Mr. Ibrahim , Taiwan

  2. I am an small retailer in Japan but as of i came to India and just visited some glass store in India and as of i searched about glass manufactures in India i found Dlite Crafts and after getting address i came to Firozabad and visited Dlite Crafts and as i was very afraid of buying glass from India beautiful glass handicraft but getting good responce from Dlite Crafts i bought little small sample products but after that i am having 2 stored of glass handicrafts.
    Mr. Kiro Whan, Japan

  3. I am wondered that India is beautiful country beautiful glass handicraft items could be made.
    Mr. Johns Fernandez, Texas U.S. A.

  4. Wonderful products displayed in Dlite Crafts catalogue with so much colourful lights.
    Mr. Andrews Mathew, Britain

  5. I am buying glass handicraft lighting from India from some other company but I was not satisfied from the finishing and packaging of that company but after my searching I met with Dlite Crafts and finally got my result of searching. packaging from this company is A+ quality and after that breakage I got products are easily saleable.
    Mrs. Chi-Cona, China

  6. As I am buying from Dlite Crafts from last 4-5 years and firstly I was not satisfied from fitting part at that packaging was good & glass part was excellent but by fitting part I was not able sale the goods so i asked Dlite Crafts for giving me some spare fitting part as soon they heard about this they have sent me fitting part as soon and so that I have sold all my stuff. for all this type off commitment and involvement for work it’s an special part of Dlite Crafts.
    Mr. Jian Chan, China

  7. Hello I am owning an designing store some of my precious clients need some antique looking products for this I have searched a ton on internet and from all this I have queried many companies and as per my client interest all items I got on one roof so I asked Ms Dlite Crafts for giving me some precious glass product and last I have satisfied my clients buy loose and quality each and every aspect.
    Mr. Mian Chu, Japan

  8. Great company and prestigious products from India congrats to India for having an wonder full persons in India to make proud of their country.
    Mr. Christopher Bristol, Italy

  9. I can't express my feeling for Dlite Crafts because firstly I was purchasing goods from Dlite Crafts and I was satisfied by all terms but I don't know for misleading by some one I have purchased same products in cheaper rate from some other one but by quality of all the stuffs was not able to sale single piece at last again I started working with Dlite Crafts and my life again come on right track… so I believe blindly on Dlite Crafts.
    Mr. Mohd. Abdul, Dubai

  10. India is a colourful and heritage country as we all know. so in this incredible country we can find every where looks of Mugal style and Maharajas style. so in Dlite Crafts we get Tiffany and Mosaic Mugal style lightings and Mahrajas style chandeliers we get.
    Mr. Sami John, Canada

  11. Good day Dlite Crafts thanks for all this stuff I got your full stuff as per our commitment as per your commitment of quality assurance I am fully satisfied and pray god for better future.
    Mr. Rahul Singh, Mumbai

  12. Hope all is well thanks Dlite Crafts got excellent stuff wit out breakage and fitting part is good. but in some of the products little bit mosaic is I got breakage kindly go through it for future orders. and best of luck for future.
    Mr. Jaswinder Pal, Amritsar

  13. I haven’t seen this type of handicraft carving work any where in world as compare to china. Indian product looks much more nice and good in look and in retail store. as i put made in India no one believe on it. that in India this type of products could be made out. by putting this type of sticker my product easily sold out.
    Mr. Naseer Ahmad, J& K

  14. Your products made me glad to buy and re sale the same.
    Mrs. Ruchika Sharma, New Delhi

  15. I will refer here your company, I love all the stuff you shipped to me and its really amazing experience with you.
    Mr. Ramashubramaniam Swami, Chennai

  16. I will surely order you again excellent product nice finish. I am felt good when I came to you, really you made my day. I got it today and very glad after seeing them.
    Mr. Jijo Jacob, Cochin

  17. Thanks for your mail. I am fine and hoping everything is going well to you. yes, We have already received your order. we have started the selling and we hope repeat order to you soon. I will contact you when we have a new order.
    Mr. Cedric D'souza, Mangalore

  18. I was very satisfied with both the product and the service I received from your company. not only is the business card case absolutely exquisite, I was also impressed that antique alive responded promptly and helpfully to my emails. I would gladly shop with you again.
    Mr. Rajat Gupta, Jaipur

  19. We are very satisfied with your products. they made great gifts. thank you for such wonderful products. I would be happy to use your store again and will recommend it to anyone who asks.
    Ms. Elizabeth Sebastian, Tiruvanathapuram

  20. Many thanks for your correspondence and speedy service delivery. my purchase was received in good order. I would recommend your store to others.
    Mr. Shyam Sundar Mukherjee, Kolkata

  21. Your mosaic lamp is beautiful. my little brother loved the gift. I also bought myself one of your mosaic lamps. both were wonderful. I plan to frequent your order for special occasions in the future and hope your business continues to thrive. thank you and many well wishes.
    Mr. Mayilsamy, Salem

  22. Your services were perfect and I am sure when I am looking for presents I frequently visit Dlite Crafts again and again. I am satisfied very much with the product it has a very good quality and somehow manages it to show the spirit and beauty of Mugal style and antique look very good. I will recommend you to friends that are also interested in other countries kindly visit Dlite Crafts and always get new and updated glass designs.
    Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Chandigarh


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